was created for the many Jejtek customers looking for better page rank and listing in the local and regional search listings of Do I give out free advice sure, though for best results it may be neccessary to hire a pro. pslseo has clients with SERPS ranging from top slots on 50,000 to 133,000,000. If you want traffic you came to the right place.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, why you need it and what it can do for your website. I’ll begin with the simple fact that websites are pointless without traffic to view them. Traffic is made up of searchers, from Google and your marketing campaigns in paper, radio, and television. In the past, paper press releases with a radio ad or a television slot drove the most traffic to a business. Today it works a little different, just about all consumers will look you up on Google no matter where you advertise before they call or contact. Many consumers start with a Google search without even viewing a paper, radio or television advertisement. They will also search for negatives about your company to see what they are getting into. In today’s market you have a large percent who will not find your listing in any paper, radio or television ad, they will find you by a keyword search in the Google search engine. To take a Google search and turn it into what is known as conversion, where you profit from the viewer. You need keyword rich content for your market, along with articles, press releases, and a blog to tell the world about your self and the services you provide.
There are two main types of Internet marketing. Option number one is are Search Engine Optimization or SEO (example optimizing your website with keyword density and proper use of meta tags and links). This is where you have a clean well organized site, which you may or may not already have. You then optimize it with target keywords, proper meta tag structure, blog feeds, and relevant content. A proper organic site will target your market when they search your terms in the Google engine for either local, regional, national search or all three. If the SEO is done properly you have a better chance of getting the phone to ring and or email submission from the site.
Option number two is called Search Engine Marketing or SEM (example PPC- Pay Per Click, Custom SEO Article writing ). PPC is exactly what it sounds like, you pay the Search Engines to have your ad shown at the top of the Google engine. You advertisement will show up in a paid ad section on the top or right side of the Google search page, the viewer knows it is a paid ad. These ads need to be carefully thought out to include basic details in a way that sells and give contact details in a very small amount of text. While Pay Per Click works well, it can be very expensive depending on the market. It can have great results in some areas, while it is not cost effective in others due to high priced keyword values. I find the best is a mix of both worlds if its in the budget. The right mix of SEO and SEM will bring in targeted traffic whom you then convert to sales on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
Keeping your website ranked well in Google and other Search Engines, you will need daily, weekly or monthly updates depending on your market along with SEO Article creation and submission, new keyword placement, and all links to stay functional. Another import thing to remember is to monitor your traffic. Setup or have my company setup Google Analytic s and monitor the PPC campaigns for best results. The setup of monitoring tools will allow you to modify your SEO and campaigns to stay ahead of the curve.
Your competition will be optimizing there websites if they are not already. You want to be in the top three to five slots on page one of Google to provide the best results.

Here is a little information on Custom Search Engine Optimization or SEO Articles with examples:

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Not all articles are created equal. Our SEO articles provide more then just a simple ad, we sprinkle tested Search Engine optimization strategy to so not only do more people read the SEO article they will follow your articles for more information, allowing you to build a viewer base for your product or service.