Website Design

I created Jejtek design to show the websites worked on or created over the years. The website is now outdated and no longer online.  Originally it was created with Adobe Flash with no SEO due to its design, I found it easier to place design work here to showcase my work in the website design industry along with some of the many satisfied companies I have worked with.  My website design company creates websites for both and customers along with many smaller computer businesses that do not have the luxury of a design team. In many cases I cannot take the credit for the work as it is re branded to another company, those sites are not available to view.  I wanted to take a minute to say thank you for all your business over the many years we have worked together.

If you already have a website and are ready to drive some traffic to it, this should be your next stop. Follow my instruction and make the changes you can on your own or if you are busy and need a helping hand click the links and pay do the work for you. Like everything else Jejtek has completed for you in the past you will not be disappointed. New customers seeking Search Engine Optimization, pop over and see what your competition is doing to stay ahead of the trend. Once you Become a customer, you become the competition.

Thanks for reading, stop back soon.

Eric Jaffe

(754) 245-1477