WordPress with studio press theme all pages load slow

January 21, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Having problems with your website? Visitors complaining it takes 20 to 80 seconds or more to load each page? While there are many possible causes for this type of situation, including hosting issues, or large images slowing down the load time. One fast solution to check is compatibility within your plugins list. The last time Contact form 7 updated this happened to a couple of my sites. The only other plugins installed were contact form 7 captcha, and php-exec. The problem is really an underlying php issue which in my case was the between php-exec and contact form 7. I needed the php-exec more so I changed the contact form and the problem instantly vanished. What you need to do if you think you may be having the same problem? Start by disabling your plugins one at a time then reload the site. I use chrome to time the page loads, ctrl + shift + i then click the network button and now reload your page. If your plugin was the cause load time will instantly go back to a couple seconds. look on the list see if any images are slowing you down then resize them for optimal results. If you want disable multiple plugins then narrow it down from there. If a WordPress plugin is causing the issue the second you disable then reload the load time should decrease.

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