How to share one keyboard and mouse between 2 computers Using Synergy

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Following the instructions below will allow you to use one keyboard and mouse to control two or more computers with separate screens. you mouse will glide from one screen to the next with the option to copy and past text and use the keyboard where ever you have the mouse pointer.  Synergy makes this possible. I have used this program for years to connect my Linux keyboard to my Windows XP boxes to keep my desk clean. Today I will walk you through setting things up the other way for the Windows users needing a quick fix to tidy up the desk while keeping multiple physical machines. while VMware ESXI & Virtual box are my best friends some times you need raw speed from a physical box. My script text box in this case. Use Synergy for what every you like its free, now lets gets started….

Windows Synergy install :

Go here:

Select your windows Operating System version then click the link to download the current Synergy Installer. Once the Synergy installer has downloaded to your PC, go to the download location and install the Synergy application. After you have installed Synergy click on Start then program files or the equivalent on your PC and run Synergy. The next step is configuring your Synergy server, see image below for example. First step is to place the radio button in the Share this computer’s keyboard and mouse (server) selection. Next you will need to click the “Configure” button to setup your screen locations.

Windows Server synergy configuration window

The next step is to make sure you have both host names listed in the top box where it says “Screens:”. Click + symbol and add both the server host name and the client host name. These settings need to be exact. In my case eric is the left LCD screen and Ubuntu is the right LCD screen. If you get an screen overlap error when setting the next part you will need to delete the items in the “Links:” section if any are listed. To delete a Link or screen highlight the Link then hit the minus symbol below the “0to100” bottom left of the window. Next create both and left side and a right side setup for each PC. In other words to the right of my windows box is the Linux box. And to the left of my Linux box is my windows box. Select “New Link” then tell it where your screens are. This is my setup if yours matches copy what I have in the image using your host names not mine. The host name is the actual name of your PC. Once done you will save and hit test. While in test mode the server runs and waits for clients to attach, if you are good to go at this point click “stop” the test will end then hit start to start the live Synergy service.  At this point follow the Linux steps below to attach the client to the IP of the windows server.

Once you connect you will see a white lightning symbol in the green synergy circle in your tray bottom right of your screen.

If you setup the configuration settings correct you can now drag the mouse from the left screen to the right screen between both systems. You could also click the green Synergy Icon with the white lightning bolt in the tray, you will see a small box listing both of your pc as connected.

Ubuntu 11.10 Linux install Synergy: 

Sudo apt-get install synergy

Then  connect client:

Synergyc –f

my Synergy server ip is please use whatever your Synergy server ip is in its place

Trouble Shooting:

1.)    If your mouse sticks on the right screen you have not configured the left side bit in the config on the server so the mouse will be stuck on the right screen. Restart the right system, now the mouse goes back to your left screen. Fix your left and right then try again.

2.)    If your Linux box shows not connecting or disconnected scrolling in your console you have the host name wrong on the server or the client.


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